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Rebecca has worked with a wide variety of people, of all ages, from all walks of life both locally and internationally. Most come seeking guidance, insights and support for a wide variety of life's challenges. 

Rebecca Can Help You When:

  • You’ve lost a loved one
    You are missing your loved one, and you want to know they are okay.  Maybe you have not come to terms with your loss yet and could really use a connection to them to help with your closure.


  • You're spiritual seeker
    You’re finding it challenging to find your true spiritual path in life. Or you find yourself  having difficulty adjusting to your new way of being in the world with your new awareness.


  • You're facing a medical diagnoses or health issue
    You want a medical intuitive session to help understand your health issue.

  • You're highly sensitive/intuitive
    You want support understanding your gifts and how best to use them in your daily life.


  • You're seeking a loving relationship
    You desire guidance in your relationships - past, present and future. You have a strong desire to find your life partner, your soulmate, or you have questions about your current relationship.


  • You're in need of help starting over
    You need support from someone who will meet you where you are and provide guidance  to help you create a life you love.  You may have experienced a sudden loss, a divorce, or you are about to embark on a new career or relationship.

  • You're working in the financial markets/running your own business
    You need confidence to trust your intuition when it comes to decisions around your business
    and finances.  You are hiring personnel, reviewing proposals, projects and portfolios of all
    types and you need guidance on an energetic level.

Ready for your life changing experience? call 650-622-2220 or click here to book your private session.


I wouldn't have gotten
to this point without you.  
6 months ago I questioned
my life's direction.
You helped me
find my way again.

The peace of mind you
gave me about a family member's passing,
has allowed me
to heal and move forward with my life.

In a recent session, you encouraged me to seek a medical professional for a possible energetic imbalance.  My doctor confirmed there was an issue and I'm now receiving treatment.

New York, NY

Los Angeles, CA


Sydney, AU


About Rebecca


One of America's Top 50 Psychics

Internationally Acclaimed Intuitive, Medium and Psychic


For over 30 years, Rebecca Fisk has been sharing her extraordinary talent: the ability to communicate with the realm of Spirit. She works in partnership with her Guidance to bring through information that is relevant to your life.


Modern Day Mystic

Rebecca acts as a Medium to present messages between you and your own personal Angels.  Rebecca provides an opportunity for you to experience Truth first hand by receiving your Guidance through channeled messages about where you are on your soul's path.


For More Information
call 650-622-2220  or 
click here to connect.

How Rebecca Works

What Is Working With Rebecca Like?


For your session, it's best if you're in a safe, quiet, comfortable space.  You may want some privacy and it's best if you use headphones or a speaker phone for your session.  

If you are requesting a reading of thirty minutes or less, it’s best to have two or three questions prepared so Rebecca can focus on providing clarity about the issues for which you are seeking help.


Before  Rebecca begins your reading, she does a prayer/meditation to open up the connection to receive messages and information specifically for you.

The session starts through channeling as Rebecca is guided to deliver the words and information that will best support you on your path. Rebecca will continue delivering information to you based on the images she sees, words she hears and the feelings she experiences in her body while connected to your specific energy. 

Your conversation with Rebecca will bring you comfort and clarity and the knowledge that God is always working on your behalf for your highest good and the highest good of all. 

Ready for your life changing experience?
call 650-622-2220 or click here to book your private session.

About Rebecca
HowRebecca Works
Ready for your life changing experience? call 650-622-2220 or click here to book your private session.
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